Sunday, September 30, 2007

What Will Happen when Bill Gates No Longer Runs Micosoft?

Many of you who follow Microsoft or work in the tech industry are readers of Mary Jo Foley's All About Microsoft blog at ZDNet. Mary Jo has been covering Microsoft in print and online for two decades and is the last word on the company and its effects on the world as we know it.

Now she's taking a step farther out to give readers a look at the future of Microsoft in a book titled Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post-Gates Era (her first book). The book was inspired by the upcoming changing of the guard at Microsoft, when Bill Gates hands off the reins of the behemoth he created. (The transition is scheduled for June, 2008.)

How will this affect those who buy from, supply, work for, or compete with Microsoft? Read Microsoft 2.0. Mary Jo is still working on the book (scheduled for Spring, 2008), she is open to any suggestions or contributions for the book.

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phobos_anomaly said...

I don't believe that alot of people care anymore about when or if they are going to get something from microsoft anymore. As it is, there are about 35 different versions of windows out there, each one having different requirements, all needing nearly thousands of patches each year.

Since the release of vista, i've seen alot of die hard windows fans switch to mac, linux and whatever else there is.

I've seen alot of business's start to switch their os's to alternatives as well.

And besides, isn't steve ballmer nothing more than a clone of bill gates with flair for throwing chairs and threatening to kill someone over being employed at google?