Saturday, September 22, 2007

Business Groupies?

I just came over, where I was reading about the umpteenth book written by a self-made multimillionaire, this one a woman. Now, if you look at the business/entreprenur and self-help lists, everyone is a self-made millionaire. There are so many of them, you have to wonder who's left to buy their books.

I expected something different from this book because it's written by a woman. Maybe, I thought, she'll have something realistic to say, something other than stuff from the "think and grow rich" genre, investment advice and so forth. Something other than the usual bullshit, in other words.

Nope. A very succienct review of this book notes, "... the author's real passion is for recounting her affairs with various billionaires." The fluff from Publishers Weekly echoes this, talking about her "... dating Bill Gates to learn confidence." hahahahahahahaha! ROFL LMAO and all that jazz. Whew! Looks like a safe bet that nobody is going to be able to replicate this woman's approach to success!

If you'll pardon the expression, she blew her chance to consumate her avowed purpose of helping young people get ahead. From the reviews and the parts of the book I've read, this is not a book that will help you get ahead in your career. It's one of those books that results from too many friends saying, "Ooh! What an exciting life you've had--all those fascinating people you met! You should write a book!"

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