Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Extending the Crosley Story

Even though I finished writing CROSLEY: Two Brothers and a Business Empire that Transformed the Nation in 2005, I continue to research Powel Crosley, Jr., his ideas and inventions, WLW, the Crosley automobile, Crosley airplanes, radios, and other products.

I've turned up the real reason Fats Waller was fired (it's a shocker that has nothing to do with drinking or playing jazz), what Lewis M. Crosley did in his spare time (another surprise), some more Crosley music publishing activities, and lots of other facts and trivia that aren't in the book. Plus a little sex.

To accommodate this new information (and photos), I started a Powel Crosley blog at I recently posted an errata sheet for the book, and you'll find a bunch of info and interesting true stories over there, with more to come. Have a look!

I'll be doing something similar for Blogging Heroes when it comes out.

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