Monday, July 16, 2007

Writers: Speed Up Interview Transcription

One of the real chores of interviewing is transcribing the quotes. Type ... listen ... back up ... replay ... back up ... type ... back up ...

You can speed up the transcription process--and eliminate most of the backing up--if you just reduce the playback speed by half or more. With the talk going by slower than you type, you will have few problems keeping pace. If the interview was recent, your memory will probably cue up a few words now and then, and you'll find yourself typing ahead.

(Plus, you have an opportunity to hear what you sound like as a word-slurring drunk.)

Finally, as you may already know, slowing down a poor-quality recording (or one with a lot of background noise) can make it easier to decipher questionable sections of the recording.
Copyright © 2007, Michael A. Banks


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