Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Best Way to Get Readers for Your Blog

As noted earlier, I'm at work on a project that involves bloggers. But not just any bloggers; these are the most successful bloggers on the Web. Bloggers who regularly place in Technorati's 100 most-favorited and most linked-to blogs.

The ongoing series of conversations I've had with these bloggers reveals some interesting themes, one of which is that search-engine optimization (SEO) is not the way to get large numbers of readers into your blog. Naturally, those who write books about SEO say otherwise, but here we have people who are getting tens of thousands of readers per day talking about SEO as "second-order" and "not an effective way to get readers."

If SEO isn't the best way to get readers, then what is? I'll leave that for the culmination of the project. It will be in a book tihs fall ...
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