Friday, July 27, 2007

The Best How-To Guide to Dialogue I've Ever Read

I keep telling other writers (and would-be writers) that I'm going to show them the best how-to article on dialogue I've ever read. Real Soon Now.

The only problem is, I can't find it. And I wrote it. It was published in one of the three or four Writer's Digest Yearbooks that came out every year in the late 1980s. (I think it was the late 1980s.) Like so many other things, I've misplaced it or thrown it out accidentally. Bill Brohaugh, former editor of WD, sent a copy to me once, back in the early 1990s. And I lost that copy.

Writer's Digest itself can't help; in one of their moves they lost a lot of back issues of this and that.

In all modesty, this really is a good article. I'd like to update it. If anyone has a copy of the WD publication in which that appeared, please let me know. I'll gladly pay copying and mailing costs, or just buy the magazine from you.

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