Thursday, July 12, 2007

Obsession for Writers

I've often said that you have to be at least a little bit obsessive-compulsive to be a successful writer. How else can you finish a novel (or non-fiction book, article, whatever)? You have to be able to become temporarily obsessed with every aspect of the work you're creating. This is particularly true when you are writing a book; the only way to sustain interest, to hold the gestalt in your mind, to push through obstacles is to be obsessed with the project--with the words, the sentences and paragraphs, the chapters--everything.

I've been obsessed with the subject of my next book--blogging--for weeks now. And in the middle of that obsession, as I interview bloggers who have millions of readers, I'm hearing the same advice over and over: you have to be obsessed with your subject to be successful. Which is what I've been telling writers and would-be writers for twenty years.
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Gary said...

People often attach the word "obsession" to a negative connotation, but in essence its neccessary to be successful at anything.