Monday, October 06, 2008

The Continuing Tale of the Outdated Photo

TRUE STORY: Back in 1997 I wrote a book about Internet safety, and included a chapter about online dating. (No, I'm not writing another such book right now.) I had been to sites like this one in 1995, looking for a date, and in 1997 I noticed one woman whom I'd seen back in 1995--using the same photo.

She finally added a new photo later that year. I saw the photo again in 2000 when I was researching another book. Guess what? She posts the same photo today on dating sites! No kidding, no mistake; the photo was very distinctive. I wonder what she tells guys when they meet her and see that she's a decade older? And how worried is she about aging? Or maybe it's just someone perpetuating a multi-decade prank ...

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Anonymous said...

This is not uncommon. At least 50% of female photos are dated 5 to 15 years. About 5% maybe within a year of posting.