Sunday, August 03, 2008

This what Happens When You Write Two Books in Six Months

Okay ... so writing two books in six months does indeed eat up all available time. (Unless you do a half-assed job, which I did not.) I'd forgotten that, as the last time I wrote two books simultaneously was in 1989.

Of course, spending 2-1/2 weeks in Florida during the same time period set me back a bit--though I did get in two relevant interviews while there. And the fact that the subjects had nothing to do with one another made certain there would be no doubling-up (used to do that on the GM assembly line, though).

Now the office is worse than usual, which is why I've been writing with my laptop in other rooms, and outdoors. Let's see ... the desk has 9 books on it, the printer 4. I'm afraid to count the number of books on the floor. The floor also hosts a variety of CDs, boxes filled with paper, and a pillow. My bookshelves are in disarray, with broadcast history, business bios, Cincinnati history, and aviation history all mixed together. The desk is obscured by irrelevant stuff, including Febreze air freshener, Windex, two bottles of water, CDs, cables, a VOM meter, a lot of small change, batteries, photos, and hundreds of pieces of paper. Not to mention a digital recorder, hairbrush, memory chips, and the computer equipment. This is going to take some time ...

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