Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Really the Wrong "Guy"

Here's an interesting blooper, from 2006: A reporter on the BBC's News 24 Channel interviews the wrong person. The fellow in the first image is a guy named Guy Goma. But the interviewer thinks he is Guy Kewney, noted international computing and business journalist shown in the photo on the right. (Check out Guy Kewney at newswireless.net.)

Have a look at the video--suprise, fear, and humor flash across Guy Goma's face as he realizes the've mistaken him for someone else. But he quickly recovers and snows the reporter and probably a lot of viewers.

Guy Goma was waiting in a reception room to be called to interview for a job in IT. Guy Kewney was waiting in another area, the "green room." The producer went to the wrong room,, asked for "Guy" and got the wrong guy. Unfortunately, Goma didn't get the job. They shouldn't have let someone who is this cool in a crisis get away!

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