Monday, August 11, 2008

I Got Googled!

Last week I wrote about how the Google Street View photograph vehicles had made it up here--to farthest Oxford, Ohio--from Cincinnati. But they'd only done a few streets.

Today, I saw one of them flashing by on Tollgate Drive as I was waiting to turn onto it from Erin. And it did flash by; it was doing at least 40 in 25-mph zone. I thought about catching up with the driver after he turned to shoot a dead-end street, so I could tell him where to watch for speed traps, but I was in a hurry to get to WalMart. (There was no other traffic, as is common in that quiet residential zone.)
The vehicle was a late-model GM SUV, black and with darkly tinted windows (as I've read all the Googlemobiles have). Mounted on the top, just over the second-seat level, was a turrett about 15 inches across, with glass or plastic windows set into it. I think of this as "Mark I," as I've seen photos of other cars thus equipped, but the latest GVs have small towers on top. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera, but I'm keeping it in the car from now on.

Interestingly, I saw the Googlemobile again on my way back from WalMartia, photograph more streets on this side of town. It will be interesting to see whether I'm in the Street View photo of that intersection ... and to see my home there, too.

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