Sunday, October 28, 2007

"I've Got a Great Idea ..."

Let it be known that you're a writer and sooner or later someone will come to you and say, "I've got a great idea for a novel/nonfiction book. You write it and we'll split the money!"

Most of you will chuckle at that, because you know that coming up with an idea is easy. The hard part is doing something worthwhile with the idea. You have to determine who your audience is, and how you'll approach them. How much background will that audience need, and how can you deliver it? And then there's the real work of shaping and trimming your words into a viable manuscript. After which you edit and rewrite, then edit some more. The idea is the least part of it.

Still, there are folks who seem to think that all it takes is an idea, and that the rest is easy. The next time someone approaches you with the generous offer of allowing you to play them to use their idea, tell them that you can't listen to their idea because real writers collaborate only with published writers. Suggest that they read some how-to books on writing, and come back to you after they have published. I guarantee you won't hear anything more on the subject.
Cropyright 2007, Michael A. Banks

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