Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do Writers Get Vacations?

Everyone needs a vacation now and then. Writers who are employed (newspaper reporters, magazine staffers, technical writers, etc.) can take vacations and just stop working. However, self-employed writers tend to be "at work" all the time. This is because much of the creative process takes place inside our heads and doesn't require equipment or supplies.

Some of us are accustomed to working and find it difficult to stop. (Hm ... sometime I'll write a post about "worth ethics.") You get that way either because events have taught you that not working may be followed by a serious shortage of money, or because it's too tempting to leave the big money in front of you. Either way, you just keep on working.

I know writers caught up in those patterns. It's easy to do. For my part, I'm sitting in Florida right now, a thousand miles from my home, and I haven't done any writing other than blog postings for over a week.

Am I losing money? Perhaps. But in the long run I'll be ahead, financially and otherwise, because of this time off. Whether you write full- or part-time, you need to take that vacation. Just let it all go and and recharge.

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