Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Upcoming Blog Posts

In case anyone is wondering, I will get around to writing parts 2 and 3 of "Correspondence Courses for Writers" Real Soon Now.

I also intend to write about the Incredible Disappearing Editor (to balance out my earlier piece on procrastinating writers). And I'll continue with the interview advice, too.

I still have the editing work on Blogging Heroes to do, and I'm looking to buy another car. The Ford Windstar (never buy one of those!) is gone, literally dragging a wheel as it went, and the Jeep has an exhaust leak and a bad alterntator. (But it sure is nice when the big snows come, so I guess I'll yank the alternator and swap it out for a replacement at AutoZone, since the one I bought for it three years ago was one of the "lifetime warranty" jobs. They really make out on that in the long run, you know, as only a minority of the lifetime warranty buyers remember they have a lifetime warranty when the part breaks--those who haven't already gotten rid of the vehicle in question, that is.) Maybe a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry this time ...

Q the Dog got a haircut, finally. She had collie-length hair, but it was just too much in the heat. Took her two days to get used to it, and now she's happy again, runninig around grinning.. The outdoor cats (there are no indoor cats), suspicious that they may have missed something, are giving everyone sullen and reproachful looks.
Write on!

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