Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On Writing When One is Ill, Sick, or in Pain ...

Yesterday I took a “break” because the book chapter I was writing was turning into drudgery. I figured that was because I had been too focused on it for too long. I didn’t give a thought to the sinus headache or kidney stone-level back pains I was experiencing at the time. Nor did I take into consideration that fact that I hadn’t eaten anything all day because of the pain.

During that break I wrote a post about laptops and seating and ... well, it was bad. So I deleted it, and my apologies to those who have this blog on their RSS feeds.

I’ve written when I was ill before, but never when I had so much pain. Normally, if i write when I'm ill, my work is usually shot-through with typos, but it still follows a theme and makes sense. Not this time.

I think I’ll stop trying to write when I’m sick.

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