Friday, August 17, 2007

A Blog is a Book is a Blog ...

The blog/book hybrid seems to have become a successful phenomenon. The early entries in this sub-genre include The Long Tail, Naked Conversations, and Lifehacker--each of which is worthwhile, and each of which benefited greatly from the novelty factor. That is, each grabbed a lot of interest because of blog affiliation/origin. (These books stand on their own and would have done okay without the blogs--though not as well.)

But what happens when "everyone" is turning their blog into a book? I think that will dilute the blog-book hybrid concept. It will probably be like disks and CDs with computer books. Blogs will be created for books on any pretext, and the public will become jaded and numb to the fact that there's a blog to go with the latest [whatever] book by [whomever]. Then readers will go back to evaluating books as books.

But I suspect some bad books will be published because they are linked to blogs.
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