Thursday, June 07, 2007

Leveraging Paradigms with Jargon

(Or should that be Leveraging Jargon with Paradigms?)
I've written several essays making fun of the overuse of jargon--especially in business communications. It's gotten to the point where you can write a sentence like "Leverage my profit with a new paradigm," change the words 'round in any order, and still be accepted. Try it! "Profit my paradigm with a new leverage," and "Paradigm a new leverage with my profit" make about as much sense as, say, "Increase my income with a new pattern."

Rather like the Emperor's new clothes, overall.

I'm not satisfied with any of my essays, but Dick Margulis points us to the best commentary on businessspeak I've yet seen. Check out this post.

Not incidentally, I think "paradigm" should be pronounced "pair-a-dij-em." Part of the magic of jargon is having words that are not pronounced as they look (with the occasional smatteering of foreign terms).

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