Saturday, November 17, 2007

Working Whether You Get Paid or Not ...

Being too ill to work all week, I'm forced to recall with fondness a couple of long-ago jobs where you collected sick pay if you were off work--usually a healthy percentage of your regular pay. You don't get that as a writer. Nor do writers enjoy the luxury of dodging work and coasting that many jobs offer. Rather than getting paid whether they work or not, it all too often works out that writers work without regard to getting paid.


John said...

You are somehow undergoing some kinda depression i think. How can you forget those stick that would come so often, and even when you were sick?

Freelancing is the best! Writers though are a bit sucking, I suppose.
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Michael A. Banks said...

Getting paid for not working is one of a very few things about a job I recall fondly.

And to be fair, I have to admit that after a certain point receiving royalties constitutes getting paid without working. I once lived for nearly two years on royalties alone. (And then worked twice as hard for the next year to get caught up.)