Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rock n Roll Fans: Heads Up!

If you're into rock history, you'll want to add this blog to your list: Randy McNutt's Home of the Hits ( The blog shares Randy's extensive research and experience in the recording industry, and focuses on vintage American recording studios and their productions.

Randy has some impressive credentials in this realm, and is the guy to whom I'd send The History Detectives if they needed a rock historian. Not only has Randy been in the business, but he's chronicled many aspects of the development of rock. He is, for example, the author of The Cincinnati Sound a book I reviewed here some weeks back, but that's only the beginning. His Too Hot to Handle: An Illustrated History of American Recording Studios of the 20th Century puts him at the top of the list of experts on recording studios. And these books confirm his knowledge of rock's history:
Check out the blog and Randy's home page for more.

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