Friday, July 02, 2010

A Review with Character

Periodically I happen upon a review of one of my books I haven't seen. Such as the case today when I found this review of Blogging Heroes at Ivan Chew's blog "Rambling Librarian: Incidental Thoughts of a Singapore Liblogrian."

Ivan's review of Blogging Heroes is an interesting approach that takes the title and theme to their logical conclusions. A taste of the review: "If this were a graphic novel, it would be an "Origins" story, where each superhero share his/ her tale of 'how they came to be.'"

Like I said, the review has character. So does some of Ivan's other writing, even if his wife thinks he tends to ramble. Have a look, and be sure to sample his Rough Notes blog. Fast-moving reviews.


Ivan Chew said...

Once in a while, I'm reminded of why librarians should blog :) Hi Michael, thanks for the "reversal of roles", lol. In this case, the reviewer got reviewed!

Michael A. Banks said...

Hello, Ivan,
Keep those metaphors coming!

Michael A. Banks said...

(And don't forget that one of the best genre writers ever started as a librarian: Andre Norton.)