Saturday, October 31, 2009

Has the Sixties Counterculture Suffered an Inversion?

It's interesting to see some of the same people who battled to legalize marijuana in the Sixties now working to make tobacco illegal.

In some places they are encouraging the narcs they once denigrated. In Ohio, for example, signs exhort individual citizens to become informers, in order to punish business owners for the uncontrollable actions of others. (Huge fines are specified for the owners of public establishments where smoking occurs.)

And where once you might have heard, "Man, have you tried that Yellow Sunshine? It's outta sight!" you now hear "Yes, Prozac really made a difference for me!"

No matter what your views on drugs, smoking, or even coffee, culture has certainly gone through some ironic twists.


BJ said...

Look forward to your appearance at the downtown Cincinnati Library.
Ruth Lyons has always fascinated me. She whipped the cord of her corsaged microphone with the domestic skill of a woman in the living room before company vacuuming her rug, yanking that long cord around like a lasso.
Ruth did it better, with finesse, and on TV, communicating to the world instead of the wallpaper.

Victorian Internet is one of the best books I've ever read. Own 2 copies so I'm never without if I loan it.

Yes, the 60's counterculture has suffered an inversion. More power to the future I say.


Michael A. Banks said...

Thanks, BJ. Good metaphor, too; I can see Ruth slinging the vacuum cord!