Friday, September 26, 2008

Men and Women ... Different?

There are still people who argue that men and women are largely the same. Evidence suggests otherwise. Like, men have more upper body strength than women. Generally speaking, that is; I know women with big, square shoulders (like those!) who have lots of upper body strength.

But there are three things I've observed that prove women are different. I've never seen these vary:

1. Given the same distasteful job to do (with the same pay) women jump in and get the job done, while men complain, look for a reason the job doesn't need to be done, or try to figure out a way to get someone else to do it before going ahead and doing the job.

2. Put a man and a woman in a room or an automobile and without warning turn on a radio or CD player at far too high a volume. The man will always attempt to adjust the sound; the woman will turn the unit OFF right now.

3. Watch men and women approach the deli in a supermarket. Men will be eyeing the merchandise. Women will look at the "On Sale" signs.

I'm sure there are individual exceptions, but I've never seen any. Interesting to speculate on why these reactions are as they are ... and it doesn't mean they can't be equal.
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Michael A. Banks said...

What, no protests? No examples to the contrary?

I do admit that these are ideals, pretty much representative of the women who were important in my when I was growing up. (The men tended to whine about their jobs.) But in general I think these apply more than not.