Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Odious Problem

Does anyone have ideas for getting rid of skunk odor? Scientific or folklore, doesn't matter (as long as it doesn't involve dancing around a fire at Midnight). The Finnish Spitz here rousted one of the striped rodents and got sprayed in the face. She ran into the house and began wiping her face on the dining room carpet ...

I wiped her down (burned the towels) then gave her a bath in tomato juice, followed by shampoo, twice. Some of the odor remains. Any ideas? There needs to be an article written on the subject... not to mention keeping skunks away.


Amanda said...

You have to use FRESH TOMATO juice. Trust me there is a difference. Use the tomato like a loofa. I know, crazy, but I'm from Mississippi, and we are experts on woodland critters!

Michael A. Banks said...

Thanks so much, Amanda! FRESH tomato juice--I never would have thought of that. And I think I'll start using a loofa when I give Q a bath.