Friday, February 08, 2008

1948: Crosley Broadcasting Puts its First Television Station on the Air

As the original author of CROSLEY: Two Brothers and a Business Empire that Transformed the Nation, I enjoy sharing information and images having to do with the various aspects of the Crosley empire. Today (February 9) is the 60th Anniversary of Crosley Broadcasting’s first regular commercial television broacasts. WLWT, Cincinnati’s Channel 5, went on the air on February 9, 1948. Here’s an artist’s rendering of the Crosley Broadcasting facilities as seen from the air. This site was on Chickasaw Street in University Heights.

I'll be sharing some photos of early Crosley television activities over the next couple of weeks at my Crosley blog:

Crosley's initial experiments with television began in 1939, with TV demos at the Carew Tower and inside the Crosley Pavilion at the Chicago World's Far. (Crosley was partnered with DuMont at the time.) --Mike

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