Monday, December 24, 2007


Here I am at one of two B. Dalton signings I did on Sunday, December 23. Although the crowds didn't quite equal last December's crush, it was all fun. As with all the signings I do, I collected stories for my next book from several folks who stopped in to talk about Crosley and Blogging Heroes. This emphasizes how important it is for a writer to get out and talk to people, beyond getting out for its own sake. (Speaking of stories, who remembers "Save cash with Kash?")

Thanks to Art Metzger, Sherry, Linda, and Mel from B. Dalton. And thanks to Sonny Moormon and Carmen Moorman for stopping by. Hope to see you all in July and August, when new books are out!


Greg said...


It was great meeting you at B. Dalton at Tri-County Mall. My mother was thrilled with her copy of Crosley Christmas morning. She is probably sitting up reading it as I type!

I appreciate your encouraging words with regard to my thoughts of entering the world of authorship. I'll be in touch soon.

Greg R. Stack

Michael A. Banks said...

Thanks for your comments, Greg. I'm glad to hear your mother is enjoying Crosley.

Write on,